Why are implants used?

The many uses of implants.

Implants can be used for all kinds of restorations. Unlike a traditional bridge, a single implant restoration replaces a tooth without the need to grind down the adjacent teeth. Bridges anchored with an implant are free-standing and do not rely on the support of the surrounding teeth. Fixing a partial restoration on implants also avoids the need for less esthetics anchoring methods, like clasps.

Solutions made to last.

Regardless of the cause of tooth loss, dental implants can be a simple, proven and lasting solution for restoring teeth. After a thorough examination of your previous medical history, your dentist can advise you on whether dental implants may be the right solution for you. Anyone who is missing one or several teeth because of injury, disease, or tooth decay is a candidate for dental implants. There is no upper age limit. In fact, the deciding factor is that the jaw is no longer growing and that there is enough good, healthy bone to permit placement. If the amount of bone is inadequate, it is also possible for the bone to be built up. Nevertheless, heavy alcohol consumption, smoking, diabetes, or other clinical conditions may interfere with an implant’s integration process and its ultimate long-term success. People who grind their teeth at night must also undertake a careful evaluation with their dentist.implants-1