Advantages of restoring teeth

Real natural tooth function. 

Restoring teeth has been a main stay of modern dentistry for many years. But only after the advent of dental implants and ceramics have patients been able toenjoy restorations that feel,function and look like natural teeth.

Limitless possibilities. 

Modern dental restorations are supported by either the remaining natural teeth, dental implants or any combination of the two.

Materials of choice. 

Titanium is currently the most suitable implant material. Titanium implants are bio compatible and do not trigger any allergic reactions. The ceramic materials used in prosthetics are also 100% bio-compatible. All-ceramic materials do not cause any allergic reactions, and sensitivity to heat or cold are a thingof the past.



Quality of life.

Modern dentistry is undergoing a rapid advancement of solutions and products to satisfy all patient requirements, improving daily chewing function and restoring personal appearance.