Air-Flow Air Polishing

Now available at Brenchley Dental – EMS AIR-FLOW 3.0 air-polishing professional stain removal system. Regular hygienist visits with Air-Flow air polishing to remove dental plaque above the gum line (supragingival) and below the gum line (subgingival) can help to prevent gum inflammation (gingivitis) and periodontal disease, which if not addressed would ultimately lead to tooth loss.380px_img_8753


    • A mixture of compressed air and Air-Flow flavoured fine powder particles combines with a jet of water for rapid and painless removal of dental plaque, extrinsic staining and subgingival biofilm. Offering efficient, safe and reliable air polishing.


    • Minimally abrasive, due to application of gentle kinetic energy the Air-Flow causes no damage or scratching of the tooth surface.


    • Dust free.


    • Ideal for implant maintenance.


    • Ideal for pre and post orthodontic treatment.


    • Pain free and improved patient comfort with no use of sharp curettes and scaling instruments.