NHS Patient Eligibility Checks

Information on ‘Patient Eligibility Checks for free or reduced cost NHS dental treatment’ provided by the NHS Business Service Authority as of February 2014.

NHS Dental Services have a duty to check patient claims for free or reduced cost treatment. It is estimated that £60 million worth of NHS dental patient charge per year are at risk from patient error or fraud; money that could be used to protect NHS resources and used for front line NHS services.

Patients claiming incorrectly for free or reduced cost dental treatment can be fined up to £100 under the NHS (Penalty Charges) Regulations 1999, This penalty charge is in addition to the patient charge and can be applied even when there has been no fraudulent intent. If not paid in a timely manner, an additional surcharge can be added.

Please ensure that you understand any costings or your eligibility to free or reduced dental treatment before you complete and sign your declaration to avoid a penalty charge and protect NHS resources.

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