Our goodwill guarantee

We appreciate the confidence patients put in our work and in recognition of this we provide Goodwill guarantees on all inlays , crowns, bridges, implant restorations and veneers for a 5 year period against mechanical failure.

This is providing the following terms are satisfied:

  • The patient attends the practice for a minimum of two 30 minute hygienist appointments in each subsequent 12 month period following completion of treatment and has followed the prescribed maintenance techniques.
  • No damage has occurred as a consequence of further dental treatment, undue care or trauma.
  • Failure is not the result of tooth decay, periodontal disease or peri-implantitis.
  • If an Nobel Biocare implant fails to integrate or loses integration with the bone, we will replace the implant free of charge, subject to sufficient bone being available to anchor a new implant.
  • All ceramic crown restorations will be replaced once only and if future fractures develop, the replacement cost will be borne by the patient. Following the fracture of a restoration the patient will be required to wear a soft bite guard at night-time to prevent the overloading of restorations.
  • No balance remains outstanding on the patient’s account.